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What’s Trending: Adidas All Stars

By Mary Claire F.

Recently in fashion, the shoes called Adidas All Stars have been very popular. These shoes were very trendy in the ‘90s and now they are being brought back. Adidas All Stars can be customized into different colors other than just the original white with the three black stripes. For example, the shoe can have pink or gold stripes as well. These shoes cost around $80+ for both men’s and women’s sizes.

Adidas All Stars are super cute with outfits and are good for all types of styles. You can wear them while wearing more dressy outfits or even when you are wearing something more casual. They look good with anything and look cute on anyone.

What’s Trending: Lokai Bracelets

By Amy T.

Many kids are seen walking around the school hallways with a special type of bracelet. These bracelets are called Lokai bracelets.  They have a white bead on one side and a black bead on the other side.  Then, all around are beads shaped like that in multiple different colors.  Lokai bracelets come in four different sizes to fit any wrist.  The cost is $18 for each bracelet.  Some may be thinking that it’s very expensive for just that one bracelet but it’s all for a good cause.  Each bracelet comes in a different color or pattern to symbolize a different cause and a portion of each bracelet profit is donated to charity.  There is a clear beaded bracelet for no cause.  There is a light pink bracelet and a darker magenta bracelet, each of which represents Breast Cancer Research Society.  There is a camo bracelet for the Society for Welfare to Animals, a purple bracelet for the Alzheimer’s foundation, and a neon rainbow bracelet for the Make A Wish foundation. A blue, white, and grey patterned bracelet for the Shark Society, a blue bracelet for water (to be more specific, to bring clean water to the people of Ethiopia which could come in a set with a water bottle and a type of google glasses, and a red bracelet for the American Heart Society  are limited edition and are only available for sale on the website for about a month.  The clear bracelet is always on the website.  That’s not all! There is one white and one black bead on either side of the Lokai.  The black bead is filled with mud from the dead sea and the white bead has water from Mount Everest in it.  This is to support the inspirational Lokai quote, “ When you’re at your highest point, stay and humble.  When you’re at your lowest point, stay humble.”   Will you be making the hallways more colorful with these special bracelets for a good cause?

What’s Trending: The X-Files

By Erin O.


image via Wikipedia

After 14 years without The X Files, FOX has released a tenth season. The first episode of the season “My Struggle” was released on January 24, 2016. This show stars David Duchovny as FBI agent Fox Mulder and Gillian Anderson as FBI agent Dana Scully. In the new X Files season, Mulder (Duchovny) and Scully (Anderson) are sent to investigate new crime scenes. These crime scenes include the trash man and the lizard man. Many people were excited for the X Files to return to television, however, the new season isn’t turning out to be as good as the old seasons. Many people are still hoping for an 11th season of the X Files. According to an interview with David Duchovny, he said that he would be happy to do another season as long as everyone (the rest of the cast) came back. I’m hoping for another season so I can see what other FBI cases Fox Mulder and Dana Scully solve!

What’s Trending: Facebook Feelings

By Erin O.


Recently Facebook has come out with new reaction buttons. These buttons can show how you feel. The buttons are a like button, a “love” button, a “haha” button, a “yay” button, a “wow” button, a “sad” button, and an “angry” button. These buttons are to help you express your feelings. These buttons are good because people say in the comments sometimes that it doesn’t feel right to like a picture because it is sad. You don’t necessarily want to like a picture that is sad or makes you upset. After that was said on a photo Facebook came out with these buttons. They are very good at helping you express your feelings not by writing a comment. To use these buttons you need to hold down the like button and drag your finger to the feeling you would like to use.   

What’s Trending: Athleisure

Brooksiders sport the latest trend in pants.

Brookside students sport the latest trend in pants.

By Ally L.

Yoga or everyday wear?  More and more people every day are starting to look like they just came from a workout. Anyone from moms to kids have yoga pants. These pants can come in all sorts of crazy colors and patterns, such as zebra print or blue and purple stripes. They are great to wear because they are very comfortable. You can get these crazy pants from many different stores, such Athleta and Iviva. Yoga pants are better now than ever!

What’s Trending: Fruit-Infused Water Bottles

By Alex B. & Savannah M.

Sixth grader Alex B. infused her water with cucumbers and lemons.

Sixth grader Alex B. infused her water with cucumbers and lemons.

For the past few weeks, fruit-infused water bottles have been all over the school. Fruit-infused water is water with the taste of fruit and other herbs. Many Brookside students have been using water bottles especially designed for fruit. They look like a normal water bottle, except they have different add-ons. They could have filter tubes in the center or a different section at the bottom that juices the fruit. Students bring the bottles around with them to their classes, and if they finish it, they refill it at the school’s water refill fountain. Fruit water not only tastes amazing, but it is also a great way to stay hydrated and healthy.

Where to get infused water bottles:

  • Marshall’s
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Bed Bath and Beyond
  • eBay
  • Sears

And they are below $20!

What’s Trending: Pocket Bacs

By Julia S.


Brookside students love collecting Pocket Bacs.

For the past few months, Bath & Body Works has had sales out the roof! Lately, middle school girls and some boys have been crazy about the new “Pocket Bacs,” which are small, scented hand sanitizers, and many students have collected hundreds of them. They are sold for $1.75 at Bath & Body Works, and lately have become very known and popular for their unique and different scents. Kids these days have been making something called a “BBW account” on Instagram. This is an account on Instagram in which people write reviews on their Bath & Body Works products and promote “BBW.” There are lots of popular BBW accounts, with up to 100,000 plus followers on Instagram. What’s your favorite Pocket Bac? 

What’s Trending: Patagonia

image via Patagonia

image via Patagonia

By Mikayla W. & Avyn S.

What’s trending now in Brookside? Recently, our school has been flooded with girls wearing Patagonia jackets. Even teachers started to join in on this trend. Patagonias are very comfortable fleece clothing products, such as vests and pullovers in various colors. People have been wearing some bright and bold colors, to stand out in the crowd.  Patagonia focuses on producing high-end outdoor clothing that is efficient and fashionable. Stay up-to-date on the trends and get yourself a light Patagonia jacket for spring!

What’s Trending:

image via

image via

By Alyssa C. is an app in which people can make small music videos to whatever song they would like. On this app, there are contests where users can win a prize, duets where users can make a video with whomever they want, and over a thousand songs to choose from. Overall, the app is fun for kids as well as young adults who love music.

What’s Trending: Turtleneck Hair

By Natalia M.

You know what all people like? Turtles, necks, and hair. So why not put them all together and create turtleneck hair? Otherwise known as a faux bob, this brand new trend is not only sweeping the nation, it’s mopping it. Magazines and beauty blogs everywhere are obsessing over this gorgeous, new trend! But just as most trends are, it’s difficult to achieve, so how can you try this new style at home? Here’s the complete list of steps to achieve this look:

  1. Buy a turtleneck, because I doubt you already have one.
  2. Put your hair into the collar.
  3. Pull the collar up to your chin.
  4. Tug a couple pieces of hair out to create that much-desired, messy, just-threw-your- hair-into-a-completely-different-style look.

Once you’ve completed those steps and you look stylish and fashionable, go out and show it off to the world. Just be prepared for everyone to point at you and laugh at how amazing you look!