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What’s Trending: Adidas All Stars

By Mary Claire F.

Recently in fashion, the shoes called Adidas All Stars have been very popular. These shoes were very trendy in the ‘90s and now they are being brought back. Adidas All Stars can be customized into different colors other than just the original white with the three black stripes. For example, the shoe can have pink or gold stripes as well. These shoes cost around $80+ for both men’s and women’s sizes.

Adidas All Stars are super cute with outfits and are good for all types of styles. You can wear them while wearing more dressy outfits or even when you are wearing something more casual. They look good with anything and look cute on anyone.

What’s Trending: Lokai Bracelets

By Amy T.

Many kids are seen walking around the school hallways with a special type of bracelet. These bracelets are called Lokai bracelets.  They have a white bead on one side and a black bead on the other side.  Then, all around are beads shaped like that in multiple different colors.  Lokai bracelets come in four different sizes to fit any wrist.  The cost is $18 for each bracelet.  Some may be thinking that it’s very expensive for just that one bracelet but it’s all for a good cause.  Each bracelet comes in a different color or pattern to symbolize a different cause and a portion of each bracelet profit is donated to charity.  There is a clear beaded bracelet for no cause.  There is a light pink bracelet and a darker magenta bracelet, each of which represents Breast Cancer Research Society.  There is a camo bracelet for the Society for Welfare to Animals, a purple bracelet for the Alzheimer’s foundation, and a neon rainbow bracelet for the Make A Wish foundation. A blue, white, and grey patterned bracelet for the Shark Society, a blue bracelet for water (to be more specific, to bring clean water to the people of Ethiopia which could come in a set with a water bottle and a type of google glasses, and a red bracelet for the American Heart Society  are limited edition and are only available for sale on the website for about a month.  The clear bracelet is always on the website.  That’s not all! There is one white and one black bead on either side of the Lokai.  The black bead is filled with mud from the dead sea and the white bead has water from Mount Everest in it.  This is to support the inspirational Lokai quote, “ When you’re at your highest point, stay and humble.  When you’re at your lowest point, stay humble.”   Will you be making the hallways more colorful with these special bracelets for a good cause?

Q&A with Ms. Emann

By Giovanna C.

Question: What made you want to start teaching?
Answer: I wanted to start teaching because I loved school, especially the fourth grade.

Question: What brought you to Brookside?
Answer: I came to Brookside because I heard that they had a great school community and great students.

Question: How do you like Brookside so far?
Answer: I absolutely love it, I love my class, and working with all of the teachers.

Question: What college did you attend?
Answer: Penn State

Question: How many years have you been teaching?
Answer: This is my sixth year teaching.

Question: Have you taught any other grades?
Answer: I taught second grade for 5 years.

Question: Why did you decide to teach fourth grade?
Answer: I wanted 4th grade because I loved my 4th grade teacher.

Question: Have you always wanted to be a teacher? If not what did you want to be?
Answer: Yes, I’ve always wanted to be a teacher.

Guy’s Grocery Games

By Kristina N.

There are many shows on the Food Network. Many of them are cooking competition shows. One of those shows is Guy’s Grocery Games. Guy’s Grocery Games is in its 11th  season. The show is hosted by Guy Fieri. Guy’s Grocery Games is a reality show, a cooking show,  and a game show. The way that the show works is, first, four chefs compete in the first round. Contestants must shop for the ingredients to cook a dish. They are given 30 minutes to make their dish. After the first round, the judges taste and critique the chefs’ dishes and eliminate one chef. Then, the remaining three chefs compete in the second round. They shop for their ingredients to make their dish. They have 30 minutes to make their dish. After the second round, the judges taste and critique the chef’s dishes and  eliminate one chef. Then, the remaining two chefs compete in the final round. They must shop for their ingredients to cook their dish. They are given 30 minutes to make their dish. After the final round, the judges taste and critique the chef’s dishes. Then, the winner of Guy’s Grocery Games is announced. To win $20,000, the winner is given a list of 10 items, worth $2,000 each to find in one minute around the store.

Shopping for the ingredients to make their dish can be a challenge because, the host of the show, Guy Fieri will sometimes throw an obstacle in their way.  He may limit how many items they can use, makes them use a certain item or does not let them use a section of the store such as the produce section, the meat department or dairy section. In addition, sometimes the chefs are given fake money and have to “check-out” before going to their stations to start cooking. When they have to “check-out” they usually are limited to how many items they can have or how much money the groceries are worth, for example, sometimes the groceries can only be worth $10 or less.

If the chefs were able to choose exactly what they wanted to cook for each round, it would be too easy. Therefore, they sometimes have to cook something using ingredients from another dish or their grandchild’s favorite food.

Guy’s Grocery Games is a challenge but everyone enjoys it and especially when they win!

Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

By Osman K.

After nine years of waiting, J.K. Rowling has finally published a new Harry Potter book. It is called Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. The book instantly became the top selling book in many countries including America. It is about Harry Potter and his son (Albus) adventuring through Hogwarts. The first big surprise is when Albus is put into Slytherin, after his dad, brother, and cousin were and are all in Gryffindor. Then, Albus makes friend with Scorpius, Draco Malfoy’s son. Harry and Draco were enemies when they were in Hogwarts, and Draco was a Death Eater. Albus keeps going on adventures with Scorpius, which is tearing the Ministry of Magic apart. Harry keeps going on missions finding his son, and eventually he decides to tear Albus and Scorpius’ friendship apart.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a great book and will be enjoyed by millions of people. Nobody can put it down.