Fantasy Football Positional Rankings, Weeks 7-10

By Michael B., Alex M., and Kyle W.





Latest news about the most popular teams

New York Giants
No injuries at the moment
New York has to find something that will control Odell Beckham Jr.’s anger. The Giants are thinking about bringing Tom Coughlin to help with  Odell’s anger. Odell apologized, and said “I don’t want to set a bad example for kids.” Eli Manning tells Odell Beckham Jr. “ Just play football. Keep making plays and do your thing.” New York plays the Rams Sunday at 9:30am. Both teams are 3-3.This game will be one of the best of week 7. The giants are going to play at Twickenham stadium. All the giants need to do is make sure their defence holds up and that their offensive line doesn’t collapse. The giants defensive has to make sure no one gets through the middle and sack Eli Manning. Or lose yards when trying to run the ball. Most people think the giants are not doing well because of Odell, but think of this the giants haven’t made the playoffs on 6 years. Odell has only been with the giants for 2 years. They changed their coach and nothing else.

San Francisco 49ers

Vance Mcdonald: Hip  injury: Questionable for return: When he is uninjured, an extra ten days will be added to fully heal

Kerley Palmer: Ankle injury: Questionable for September 9th and October 16th  game

Navorro Bowman: torn left achilles tendon:Not known for return

Colin Kaepernick was put in as starter last Sunday. After being under investigation for kneeling for the national anthem, he was finally cleared and said, “I don’t want to kneel forever.” and “I want these things to change.” He was kneeling for black people’s rights. The main reason he was kneeling is because of the Black Lives Matter cause. He will soon be interviewed again.

Seattle Seahawks

Kam Chancellor, line backer, was out with a groin injury.

Russell Wilson: Ankle/knee: Will play, however, this injury could slow him down

Thomas Rawls: fibula injury: He will be out for at least another month.

Jimmy Graham: back/knee:Questionable for return: Unknown return

No exciting news at the moment

Dallas Cowboys

Dan Bailey: Back: Questionable for play this Sunday

Dez Bryant: Knee: Questionable for return

Tony Romo: Back: Out right now, but will be checked if he is allowed to play again

David Irving: Concussion: Will be out for at least 3 more weeks

Dak has to start over Romo. Rumor has it that players on the cowboys don’t want Romo starting again. The big question is will they start Dak or Romo.

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