iPhone 7 Brings Exciting New Changes

By Michael Braun

image via apple.com

So you thought that your iPhone 6s was cool? Well the two new iPhones, the 7 and 7 plus, blow the competition away. First off, the iPhone 7 comes in five amazing colors. The classic gold, rose gold, and silver and the new black and jet black. The iPhone 6s only came in 3 colors, silver, gold, and rose gold.

A big difference about the iPhone 7 from the 6 is no more headphone jack. This means that your old headphones won’t work for this. But don’t fear, because apple has you covered. Coming in the box with the iPhone 7 will be new headphones that instead of connecting to a headphone jack, will connect to a lightning port, where you charge your phone. Or, if you want to keep your headphones, the iPhone 7 comes with a syncing dongle that will allow old headphones to connect to the lightning port. Or, if that doesn’t satisfy you, you can get the new air pods. As you may have guessed from the name, these are earbuds connected by bluetooth, and that means no more getting wires all tangled up. They have 5 hours battery life and come with a charging case with an extra 24 hours of battery life. These air pods cost $159.

Have you ever said goodbye to your phone next to a toilet or a pool? Well do not fear, the new waterproof iPhone 7 is here! Yes, that’s right, I did say waterproof. It can go up to thirty minutes submerged and one meter down. As well as being protected from water, the iPhone 7 is sealed and will repel dust.

This next update is probably the biggest part about the new phone. However, this update is only for the iPhone 7 plus. Along with the original 12MP lens, the 7 plus comes with an additional lens which helps to make your pictures all the better. When taking a picture, you can zoom up to 2x in hardware and 10x in software. It also has a more advanced LED flash for better coloring.

What makes a phone the best it can be? The little things. Yes, they are little differences, but they add up. First off, the brightness is much better. This might not seem to amazing, but its max brightness is much brighter, making it much easier to read, see, or watch. Another difference about the 7 is it has much better battery life. Apple claims that it has 2 hours longer battery life. Ways to save battery life can include lowering volume, lowering brightness, and turning on airplane mode. If you put your brightness to a quarter way, it should save you about 15%.

You can buy the iPhone 7 for 32, 128, or 256 GB for $649, $749, or $849. Or if you want to go big and get the 7   plus, you can get 32, 128, or 256 GB for $769, $869, or $969. Not bad. But just wait till the next iPhone! The iPhone 8…

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