Spectacles: The Glasses of Our Generation

By Joey M.

This September, an accessory was announced for the widely popular social media app, Snapchat, which has over 100 million users. This accessory is called Spectacles, which lets the user get a first person look without using their phone.

To use Spectacles, you need to install the app called Snapchat. Then, create an account on your phone to record and upload videos and photos to friends. With Spectacles, users can take videos in first person without the hesitation of dropping, breaking, or cracking your phone. Instead, users can use augmented reality glasses (aka smart glasses) to upload and record videos and take photos to share with friends.

It started to be talked about and spread in late 2014, when the 18 billion dollar company was on its feet again with a new idea, after renaming their company Snap. Inc from Snapchat. Inc. With this, they have already released a video on YouTube, as the link will be put down in the description. This video has been viewed over 1.7 million times, as the item is becoming wildly popular. This item is anticipated to be released in 2016, primarily this November, but the day is not released yet. This item will cost $130, as it will only be this price because of the limited time it will be released, which Snap. Inc announced, but it isn’t known if their will be a jacked price is they offer special style glasses.

Spectacles will work as if a Speaker works, without the cords. This means it will be a wireless item, and it is worked by bluetooth, so it’s a bluetooth wireless item. And Snap. Inc has already announced how it will work for the users of these advanced glasses. Firstly, there will be a button on those glasses, which the user will press for a ten-second snap, as a snap is like a post on a social media snap. Instead, on the app the user has to hold the button indicated to take a video, as it goes to a ten second limit. And when you are recording, there in the corners of each glass will light up, indicating that you are recording a snap. Then after the Snap is fully complete, you can upload them to your memories and share the snap to your friends. A memory in Snapchat is a saved snap that is loved or a story, and a story is a bundle of snaps from one day. And like all other devices, they have to be charged. But instead of a standard input of electricity, or in other words a cable like a phone or a computer, spectacles use a case to charge the glasses.

They have also said instead of the standard square snap to do, the Snapchat instead will be circled. Now, with all of this, there are many unanswered questions. Some questions are like will there be a cable in the case, or that will you select the lens you want to download or will it will have two lenses that you can share. Tons of questions are bundling up, as it becomes obvious Snap Inc. will not be answering that much questions. And the lenses, on hand will provide a 115 degree angle to capture every moment to the user when it comes out.

This idea was thought up by Evan Spiegel, the CEO of Snap Inc., when one particular day he brought his prototype into a meeting, and which is where the Spectacles innovation started. With this, some people maybe or maybe not wanted to buy this. Out of the interviews, we found that out of 19 people, 26.31% said they did want this innovative product, as 73.69% they did not want this product, only because they didn’t want the app or they had insufficient funds. This has made it so that many people don’t want to have this product, but this doesn’t mean it won’t be a very big hit for Snapchatters.

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