Q&A with Ms. Emann

By Giovanna C.

Question: What made you want to start teaching?
Answer: I wanted to start teaching because I loved school, especially the fourth grade.

Question: What brought you to Brookside?
Answer: I came to Brookside because I heard that they had a great school community and great students.

Question: How do you like Brookside so far?
Answer: I absolutely love it, I love my class, and working with all of the teachers.

Question: What college did you attend?
Answer: Penn State

Question: How many years have you been teaching?
Answer: This is my sixth year teaching.

Question: Have you taught any other grades?
Answer: I taught second grade for 5 years.

Question: Why did you decide to teach fourth grade?
Answer: I wanted 4th grade because I loved my 4th grade teacher.

Question: Have you always wanted to be a teacher? If not what did you want to be?
Answer: Yes, I’ve always wanted to be a teacher.

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