What’s Trending: Lokai Bracelets

By Amy T.

Many kids are seen walking around the school hallways with a special type of bracelet. These bracelets are called Lokai bracelets.  They have a white bead on one side and a black bead on the other side.  Then, all around are beads shaped like that in multiple different colors.  Lokai bracelets come in four different sizes to fit any wrist.  The cost is $18 for each bracelet.  Some may be thinking that it’s very expensive for just that one bracelet but it’s all for a good cause.  Each bracelet comes in a different color or pattern to symbolize a different cause and a portion of each bracelet profit is donated to charity.  There is a clear beaded bracelet for no cause.  There is a light pink bracelet and a darker magenta bracelet, each of which represents Breast Cancer Research Society.  There is a camo bracelet for the Society for Welfare to Animals, a purple bracelet for the Alzheimer’s foundation, and a neon rainbow bracelet for the Make A Wish foundation. A blue, white, and grey patterned bracelet for the Shark Society, a blue bracelet for water (to be more specific, to bring clean water to the people of Ethiopia which could come in a set with a water bottle and a type of google glasses, and a red bracelet for the American Heart Society  are limited edition and are only available for sale on the website for about a month.  The clear bracelet is always on the website.  That’s not all! There is one white and one black bead on either side of the Lokai.  The black bead is filled with mud from the dead sea and the white bead has water from Mount Everest in it.  This is to support the inspirational Lokai quote, “ When you’re at your highest point, stay and humble.  When you’re at your lowest point, stay humble.”   Will you be making the hallways more colorful with these special bracelets for a good cause?

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